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Growing up, surrounded by cameras might be a common thing for a Hollywood kid. It wasn’t that common in Colombia, when television had just arrived and your father was one of the pioneers. Víctor felt in love with acting since he was very young. He attended Colombia's National School for Dramatic Arts, founded by his father, to become and actor. Later on, he traveled to England to study film and tv production. Víctor returned to Colombia not only to strengthen his career as an actor, but to establish himself as a great director.

Víctor has directed and performed in many outstanding Colombian telenovelas, as well as different stage plays.  “La baby sister” and “Por qué diablos?” are the two telenovelas that gave him international recognition as an actor. The black comedy hit, “Bluff”, a film  directed by Felipe Martínez, put Víctor on the radar of international film festivals. Besides that, Víctor has directed several telenovelas, including the Colombian adaptation of “Desperate Housewives”.

During the last couple of months, Víctor has had a pretty busy schedule. He is starring in the Colombian remake of “Nosotros los Nobles”, - “MALCRIADOS”. Mallarino’s most recent directorial project, “Celia”,  aired by RCN in Colombian and Telemundo in the United States. It has created lot of buzz around the Latin American television market, leaving the narcos and crime themes aside, and bringing back to life one of the greatest salsa idols of all times, Celia Cruz.

As if he wasn’t busy enough, he also directed a stage play in Colombia entitled “El Crédito” written by Jordi Galcerán that is going to premiere on October 21st in Bogotá, Colombia.

Victor Mallarino


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